What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

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What Size Storage Unit to Get
A Huge Variety of Space Sizes Available

Cougar Den Storage offers many different sizes of storage units at our facility in the Provo, Utah area. With some simple, careful planning and estimating you can get the perfect size to fit all of your storage items.

Proper packing and storing can allow many items to be stored in a relatively small space. Listed below is a quick rule-of-thumb reference to help determine the amount of space needed.

Unit Size Sq. Ft. How to Visualize What Could Fit?
6 x 12 72 Large walk-in closet 1 bedroom +
10 x 10 100 Small bedroom 1-2 bedroom home or apartment
12 x 18 216 Large garage 2-3 bedroom home or apartment
12 x 26 312 Extra large garage 3-5 bedroom home or apartment plus car or boat
12 x 52 624 2 very large deep garages back to back 5+ bedroom home or apartment plus car or boat.
Need More Options?

Check out Provo Central Storage conveniently located right across the street from Cougar Den Central Storage! We own and manage both properties and as such can often help you find just what you need.