What Not to Store

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Some items should never be stored in a storage unit
What NOT to Store

Not everything is safe for storage at Cougar Den, and some things are illegal! Here are some guidelines to help keep you and your neighbor tenants safe:

Flammable items

Remember, while these items are typically stored in tanks or jars, they might also be found in your equipment. Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines before storing.

Illegal items

Cougar Den does not allow the storing of any illegal material in our facilities. Drugs and drug paraphanalia will not be tolerated. We work weekly with local law enforcement officers and allow them to patrol our streets with dogs to sniff out drugs. We also do not allow the distribution or sale of illegal drugs on our premises and will do everything possible to prevent or curtail this activity if we find it happening. If you possess or sell drugs, do not even apply for a Cougar Den storage unit.

Stolen Goods

Stolen goods and property are not allowed at Cougar Den Storage

Perishable Items

We have seen (and smelled!) all kinds of things that should not be stored in storage units. Perishable items like vegetables, fruits, old garbage and the like tend to produce some nasty smells. These odors may possibly leach onto items in your storage units and to neighboring units.

Storage Units are Not to Live In!

It might sound harsh, but if we find anyone using their storage unit as a live-in shelter they will be evicted immediately. If someone lives in a storage unit, they also bring in food, beverages, pets, and of course - associated waste. We do not provide garbage service nor restroom facilities and as such cannot allow our storage units to be used as a makeshift apartment.

Any questions? If you are not sure about storing something in particular, give us a call or send us a note!